• Social Beach Volleyball competitions. Fun, active, no experience necessary.

Thursday Outdoor Beach Volleyball

Week 9

6:15pm  Refs
Court 1 Stacey/Eddie vs Betty/Jordy Pabs
Court 2 Sneaky Dave / Eva vs Hazel/Andy Bec
Court 3 Sets in the City vs Setsy Beaches Nick
Court 1 Brett/Davey vs Bully/Chris Pabs
Court 2 Lenny Kravitz vs Powerballs Bec
Court 3 Coconut Husks vs Triple X Nick
Court 1 Tiger/Len vs Nicko/Zeke Pabs
Court 2 Sonova Beach vs Jode/Val Bec
Court 3 Pink Salmon vs Liz/Frankie Laura
Court 1 Brett/Jess vs Len and Karl Pabs
Court 2 Eddie/Carly vs Tay/Jam Bec
Court 3 Me and You vs Rhyca/Chelsea Laura
Court 1 Laura/Mystery Guest vs Sassyfrass Bec
Court 2