• Semi finals next week! Remember to have all your outstanding team fees balanced to be eligible to participate :)

Thursday Outdoor Beach Volleyball

Semi Finals


NOTE: All outstanding fees must be finalised before game. 🙂


6:15pm  Refs
Court 1 Tiger/Joe vs Nicko/ Matt DIV 1 (Pool B) Grand Final Dan??
Court 2 Liz/ Frankie vs Jacob/ Charley DIV 3 (Pool B) Grand Final ??
Court 3 Coconut Husks vs Pabs/Colsie/Clint/? Zoe
Court 1 Val/ Jode vs B/AM DIV 2 (Pool B) Grand Final Pabs
Court 2 Kevin/ Ray vs Bully/Dan Adam
Court 3 Lenny Kravitz vs Setsy Beaches 4 A-Side  Grand Final Zoe
Court 1 Pink Salmon vs Tay/Jam DIV 3 (Pool A) Grand Final Pabs
Court 2 Chelsea/ Lauren vs Adam/ Justin Bec?
Court 3 Eva/ Zoe vs Laura/ Rach Nicko
7:50pm Refs
Court 1 Betty/ Jordy vs Brett/Jess DIV 1 (Pool A) Grand Final Pabs
Court 2 Rhyca/ Aaron vs Sassyfrass DIV 2 (Pool A) Grand Final Justin
Court 3 Conor/Jess vs B1/ B2 Zoe
Court 1 Stacey/ Zoe vs Chloe/ Chelsea Bec?
Court 2 Eddie/ Carly vs Hot Mess Izzy?
Court 3 Brett/Davey vs Andy Rhyca?