• Social Beach Volleyball competitions. Fun, active, no experience necessary.

Thursday Rebound Beach Volleyball Competition

Week 10


*Please check 48hrs prior to game as draw is subject to change.

6:30pm Refs
Court 1 Butt Sets vs Enoggera Regects Tay
Court 2 San Diagos vs Id Hit That Jessica
Court 3 LC vs Beach Please Eloise?
Court 4 Rams vs Setters of Catan ?
Court 1 VICTOR vs Dream Team Tay
Court 2 Makeup Sets vs Limp Digs Demi?
Court 3 Ball Dawgs vs Mango No Callum?
Court 4 I Dig Your Balls vs Zesty Fiddlers ?
Court 1 Sets in the City vs Dig Deep Tay
Court 2 B Team vs D and M Tom?
Court 3
Court 4 DAT ACE THO vs Nexus ?