• Social Beach Volleyball competitions. Fun, active, no experience necessary.

Tuesday Rebound Beach Volleyball Competition


Week 2


*Please check 48hrs prior to game as draw is subject to change.

6:30PM Refs
Court 1 Titanium Maltaeasar Mango Squad vs Mr Macs Frankie
Court 2 We showed up vs Planet Volleywood Tay
Court 3 Rangers of Motion vs Hopeful Diggs Cassie
Court 4 Soft D vs Setting Ducks Scott
Court 1 Just Good Volleyball vs Clint Nationals Doug
Court 2 Pump up the volleyume vs Netball Dropouts Tay
Court 3 I’d Hit That vs Brians Bashers Justin
Court 4 Sand Divas vs Hard D Scott
Court 1 Woresome Foursome vs Spikopaths Doug
Court 2 Wilder People vs Game Set Match Tay
Court 3 SWAT vs Broken Mongrels Jam
Court 4 Setsy Beaches vs Cookies and Cream Scott
Court 1 The RAMS vs Donald Dump Frankie
Court 2 How I set your Mother vs JJ and the honey pots Liz?
Court 3
Court 4 Just the Tip vs Scared Hitless Scott