• Semi finals next week! Remember to have all your outstanding team fees balanced to be eligible to participate :)

Wednesday Rebound Beach Volleyball Competition



NOTE: All outstanding fees must be finalised before game. 🙂

6:30pm Refs
Court 1 Nortious Digs vs Deadly Digs DIV 2 (Pool A) GRAND FINAL Izzy
Court 2 Power Rangers vs You cant set with us Ayisha
Court 3 Spider Pigs vs Volleywood Boulevard Frankie
Court 4 Bonitas vs Dead Set DIV 3 (Pool A) GRAND FINAL ??
Court 1 Johns Team vs Whiskey Digs DIV 1 (Pool A) GRAND FINAL Izzy
Court 2 Volleypop vs Setsy and we know it Ayisha
Court 3 Girls Night with Jam vs Mrs Borris Emily
Court 4 Soft Serves vs Beaches Be Crazy DIV 2 (Pool B) GRAND FINAL Zack
Court 1 Cookies and Cream vs Fireballs DIV 1 (Pool B) GRAND FINAL Izzy
Court 2 Nutella Sandwich vs The Beasts Ayisha
Court 3 Oui Oui vs Fullas Laura
Court 4 Mk No Dig’gity vs Mollyballers DIV 3 (Pool B) GRAND FINAL Zack
Court 1 Arnie Palmers vs Razed Izzy