• Social Beach Volleyball competitions. Fun, active, no experience necessary.

Wednesday Rebound Beach Volleyball Competition



Please make sure all outstanding fees are finalised before taking the court 🙂 

*Please check 48hrs prior to game as draw is subject to change.

6:30pm Refs
Court 1 Volleywood Boulevard vs Bonitas Frankie DIV2 (Pool A) Semi Final
Court 2 Dead Set vs Bulldogs Jesse DIV3 (Pool A) Semi Final
Court 3 Beaches Be Crazy vs We Dig Your Sandy Balls Ayisha DIV2 (Pool B)  Semi Final
Court 4 Deadly Digs vs Power Rangers Jam DIV2 (Pool A) Semi Final
Court 1 Whiskey Digs vs Mrs Borris Frankie DIV1  Semi Final
Court 2 Spike Punch vs Completely unrelated Jesse DIV3 (Pool A) Semi Final
Court 3 Spider Pigs vs 2 and a half lesbians Jam DIV3 (Pool B) Semi Final
Court 4 Fullas vs Johns Team Callum DIV2 (Pool B)  Semi Final
Court 1 Girls Night with Jam vs Fireballs Ayisha DIV1  Semi Final
Court 2 Pop it Like a Squat vs Appletinis Jesse
Court 3
Court 4 Polish Roo’s vs BYE Laura DIV3 (Pool B) Semi Final