• Social Beach Volleyball competitions. Fun, active, no experience necessary.

6-A-Side Beach Netball

NEW SEASON STARTS 13th April 2016

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Playing Beach Netball

6-A-Side Mixed Beach Netball is a fun social game for all levels.  Modified rules makes it really easy to pick up and great for fitness due to the element of sand.  No experience is needed just a passion to have fun!



Each team consists of six (6) players. Teams may have a maximum of eight players and a minimum of five players.  A team is comprised of: Two (2) Attack Players, Two (2) Defence Players, and Two (2) Wing/Centre Players.

6 – A – Side
WA/C = Wing Attack/Centre
GA = Goal Attack
GD = Goal Defence
GS = Goal Shooter
GK = Goal Keeper
WD/C = Wing Defence/Centre

Each team consists of a maximum of three (3) males on court at any time. A male player must take up a one of each position. i.e. If you have three males: One male plays = Attack, One male plays = Defence, and one male plays = Centre


The game is (4) x (10) minute quarters, with a (1) minute quarter time breaks and (3) minute half time break.

  • COST

$60 per game OR teams may pay for the season upfront for a discount of $780

  • WHEN

Wednesday nights between 6.30 – 9.30


Season consists of 12 weeks of pool play with an additional 2 weeks for semis finals, grand finals and playoffs.

  1. WA & WD = All the court, except the goal circles.  Area’s A, B & C
  2. GA & GD = 2/3 of the court including goal circle.  Area’s A&B or B&C.
  3. GS & GK = only allowed in their third of the court including goal circle.  Area’s A or C only.netball

Netball 1      Netball 3Netball 3








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