Social Beach Volleyball

What is Beach Volleyball?

Beach Volleyball is played on the sand with a net in the middle of a court that separates both teams. The object is to get the ball on to the opposing side and touch the ground.

All you need is a group of people to get started! Games are available for players and teams of all skill levels, gender and ages.

Social Six’s Rebound Beach Volleyball

Our Rebound Beach Volleyball is designed for the social environment.  You do not require any experience in Beach Volleyball or the technical skills set required to play traditional 2on2 like in the Olympics.  Rebound Beach Volleyball accommodates for peoples skill, fitness and abilities.  Instead of having to be able to jump a meter in the air to spike a ball to the sand, you can hit the ball off nets which surround the court making rallies more fun and exciting.

Traditionally Social Six’s Rebound Beach Volleyball consists:-

  • Minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 (this is a open format so it is not gender specific)
  • A match consists of 3 x 14  minute thirds

2on2 Outdoor Beach Volleyball

2on2 Beach Volleyball is different to our social Six’s.  This type of Beach Volleyball consists of only 2 players on each team which means it is more physically demanding, and challenging.  This is the way to go for those looking to increase their skills on the sand and make it more challenging.  Outdoor Beach Volleyball has no restrictions or gender differences.  Therefore teams are put into grades which suit their level of play.  This is an open beach volleyball competition which applies to everyone, men and women alike.

  • Maximum of 2 players per team
  • A match consists of 3 x 10 minute thirds

4on4 Outdoor Beach Volleyball

4on4 Outdoor Beach Volleyball is a combination between Rebound Beach Volleyball and traditional 2on2 Outdoor Beach Volleyball.  The game consists of 4 players per team on a traditional outdoor court.  There are no gender specific divisons, each team is graded and placed in a grade suited to their experience and skill level.

  • Maximum of 4 players on a court per team at one time
  • A match consists of 3 x 10 minute thirds

What nights are Beach Volleyball Played?

Social Six’s
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night seasonal competitions.
  • ALSO – There is Social night on Fridays- No team required, no referees.  Enjoy the company of others that show up and make their own games.
Outdoor 2on2
  • Monday and Thursday nights
Outdoor 4on4
  • Wednesday nights
  • Thursday nights

How much does it Cost?

$12.50 per player

No membership fees, no registration fees

Want to get started or enquire?

If you wish to register a Beach Volleyball team click here. Or else you can make an inquiry via our contacts page

Don’t have a team?

If you don’t have a team but want to join the action of social beach volleyball, no worries.  You can either express your interest here or contact us via our contact page details.  We will help you get started and join a team or even to just try it out.