Tuesday Rebound Points Ladder

Point Rules: WIN = 3 points / LOSS = 1 point / DRAW = 2 points / BONUS Point for every 10 points 

PositionTeamTotal 123456789101112
Division 1
3Hot Doodz 3.028621544600000
4Kiss my Ace24054126600000
5Clints Team23342651200000
7Max Power19651312100000
Division 2
1Net Tips and Chill44856686500000
2Block and Awe36445817700000
3We showed up34927652300000
4See you in Court34563652700000
5Ball of Duty32673382300000
6Scared Hitless31556207600000
8Planet Volleywood28222666400000
9Servin Time23461234300000
10Spike Tyson7000121300000
Division 3
1Rodwell Experience461172839600000
2Nothing but Net 43375679600000
4The Juice Men340263106700000
5Sand Jose34007775800000
6Pump up the volleyume31773233600000
7All Gear and no Idea29329724200000
8Built Different28351386200000
9Tikas Tribe20133441400000
Division 4
1Laddy Balls547103799900000
2Nortorious D.I.G 529810477700000
3Big digs51686788800000
4Spiked Punch476612754700000
5Toombul Market392638641000000
6How I Set Your Mother364393010700000
7Sneak Attack354410094400000
8The Chokers 30424738200000
9Block it Beach30664424400000
10Wild Cats23403841300000
11Jump around22932412100000
12Sweaty Sandy Singles11040000700000