Tuesday Rebound Points Ladder

Tuesday Rebound Beach Volleyball

Points Ladder

Point Rules: WIN = 3 points / LOSS = 1 point / DRAW = 2 points / BONUS Point for every 10 points 

PositionTeamTotal 123456789101112
Division 1
3Bec's Boys498636642455
5Clints Team161111151221
6Kiss my ace90000000162
Division 2
1Scared Hitless496244665466
3See you in Court453725630667
4How I set your Mother436652437316
5Max Power423262666623
6Servin Time417555261235
7Net Tips and Chill382561236535
8We showed up362522663343
9Planet Volleywood353226232663
10Block and Awe342263434541
Division 3
1Nothing but Net 657877866628
3Ball of Duty545782357566
4The Juice Men445836257233
5Volleyball Team 381182590363
6All Gear and no Idea204121215013
Division 4
1Rodwell Experience69106105486767
2Pump up the volleyume6582643881574
3The Chokers 6037721137866
4Laddy Balls578482754784
5Spiked Punch5774358104376
6Nortorious D.I.G 557645476439
7Block it Beach524636368367
8Toombul Market514467734736
9Sweaty Sandy Singles454836545334
10Sneak attack4220266310733
11Big digs377223454244
12Wild cats17213254
13Built different1679