Competition Policies


ALL players must complete a Player Registration Form, and agree to the following terms and conditions prior to playing at Beach Sports.

ALL players compete at their own risk.  Members ARE NOT covered by personal accident insurance. 

Scheduled game times are 6.30, 7.15, 8.00 and 8.45.  Some nights may have a 5:45pm game if team number on that night are high.

Games are played on most public holidays, unless otherwise stated on the website.



If your team is unable to play a scheduled game, we require at least 48 hours notice or a forfeit fee of $50 for rebound volleyball and $25 for outdoor 2on2.

Games must start on time.  Game times will be determined by the clock.  If one team is on court and the other is late, the umpire will award the team on the court one point for every minute the other team is late.  After 10 minutes, the late team will automatically forfeit.



Teams are required to pay game fees before they play.  Teams should pick up their team card from the canteen on the way in, fill out the card and return to the canteen once all players have paid.

Minimum team charge for rebound volleyball is $50 per team (4 people x $12.50).

Minimum team charge for outdoor 2on2 is $25.



If you are nominating for an outdoor sport, please note that games may be played in the rain.   A final decision on cancellation due to wet weather will be made at 5:30PM and it is the team’s responsibility to ring the Centre to check for cancellations.  Where possible the same scheduled game will be played the following week or else a makeup game can be scheduled for the teams at a time that is mutually suitable.



A team and all players must play and pay for a minimum of three (3) games throughout the season to be eligible to compete in the finals.  Fill in players are not considered team members.



All fill in players must be approved by the Centre Manager on the night and each team is allowed only one fill in player per game.  If multiple fill ins are used or not vetted through the Centre Manager the team will automatically forfeit the game and all game points.  Fill in players are required to pay for the game for which they fill in.