• First game is free! Come try it out, teams and individuals welcome.

Tuesday Rebound Beach Volleyball Competition



(Please check your game times 24hrs prior as changes may occur)
5:45pm Refs
Court 1 Servin Time vs Net Tips and Chill Chris
Court 2
Court 3
Court 4 How I set your Mother vs Scared Hitless Luke
Court 1 SWAT vs Sonova Beach Chris
Court 2 Gold Tops vs Block it Beach Aaron
Court 3 Planet Volleywood vs We showed up Mason
Court 4 Rodwell Experience vs Booze ya Looze Luke
Court 1 Hotties vs South Street Subaquatic Scuttlers Chris
Court 2 ValleyBalls vs Nothing but Net Aaron
Court 3 Laddy Balls vs The Chokers Mason
Court 4 Block and Awe vs Setsy Beaches Laura
Court 1 Smash that Mason vs Bec’s Boys Jacob
Court 2 The Mighty Muffins vs Cookies and Cream Aaron
Court 3 Toombul Market vs All About the Ace Roger
Court 4 Amazeballs vs TREVOR Luke
Court 1 Clints Team vs Jacob Chris
Court 2 Pump up the volleyume vs See you in Court Aaron
Court 3
Court 4 Volleyball Team vs Dig Van Spike Luke