• Social Beach Volleyball competitions. Fun, active, no experience necessary.

Tuesday Rebound Beach Volleyball Competition



*Please check 48hrs prior to game as draw is subject to change.
5:45pm Refs
Court 1 Ya Wot Mate? vs Bec’s Boys Chris
Court 2 Net Tips and Chill vs Volleyball Team Laura
Court 3
Court 4 Charlies Angels vs Gold Tops Doug
Court 1 Stinkin’ Rats vs Smash that Mason Chris
Court 2 Rangers of Motion vs We Did it Doug
Court 3 Planet Volleywood vs Block and Awe Morgan
Court 4 SWAT vs Scared Hitless Scott
Court 1 Setting Ducks vs Clints Team Chris
Court 2 The Mighty Muffins vs HWX Laura
Court 3 Toombul Fruit Market vs Setasfaction Luke
Court 4 Broken Mongrels vs ValleyBalls Scott
Court 1 Hotties vs Lamb Shanks Chris
Court 2 Free Fallin vs Triple X Doug
Court 3 Just the Tip vs Dig Van Spike Luke
Court 4 TREVOR vs Just Good Volleyball Scott
Court 1 Setsy Beaches vs How I set your Mother Chris
Court 2 Pump up the volleyume vs Laddy Balls Declan?
Court 3 We showed up vs Cookies and Cream Luke
Court 4 Nothing but Net vs Lachy’s Lads Scott