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Beach Handball

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 About Beach Handball

Beach Handball is the outdoor version of the Olympic team sport of European Handball. It was initiated in the 1990s in Italy and since then has become an official competition form of the International Handball Federation and approved by major sport agencies and organisations (International World Games Association, Sport Accord).

The rules are slightly different to indoor handball. Played on sand with a rubber ball, by two (2) teams of four (4), with four (4) substitute players per team, the game play is on a relatively small court (27 by 12m court). It is fast and spectacular and extra points are awarded for spectacular and dynamic plays. For example, for those who score in flight either by spinning or while passing the ball, through to a penalty or by a goalkeeper.

Games go over two (2) periods of 10 minutes each. There is always a winner at the end of the match and no draws.

Rules of the game

Please visit Internationl Handball Federation for more information in relation to the rules.  Which you can find here

Beach Sports and Beach Handball

Beach Sports is starting Beach Handball on Thursday Nights!  At the moment there are no structured competitions, but a more come and try environment to introduce the sport.  The sessions are conducted with players who compete at international and state levels and will run you through the rules and the game play.  Beach Sports are currently working with Queensland Handball to endorse the sport and make it more aware for members of the public to try.  Competitions will start once there is enough interest.

If you would like more information in relation to Beach Handball please contact either Pete (0432 290 067 or email at or David Benjamin (President Qld Handball) on 0488 271 046 or at

Also if you come down to Beach Sports Social Thursdays you are welcome to part take in Beach Handball as well as all the other activities available over the hours!!!”

If you are interested more about Handball in Queensland please feel free to visit their website