Thursday Rebound Points Ladder

Point Rules: WIN = 3 points / LOSS = 1 point / DRAW = 2 points / BONUS Point for every 10 points 

PositionTeamTotal 123456789101112
Division 1
1Butt Sets37676576000000
2Raiders of the lost pass36668565000000
3Sandy Ball Slappers32255767000000
4Setup Artists316810232000000
5Double Triple 30662655000000
6KLT Burger281131661000000
7No sets before marriage 23335327000000
8Charlottes Hornets18224352000000
9Nortorious D.I.G (was sets in the city)13021226000000
Division 2
1Norfolk and Chance30725655000000
2Sandy Cracks28666523000000
3Star Dust26722276000000
4Zesty Fiddlers22361633000000
5Pancake Manor22421447000000
6Setsy beaches 20236342000000
7VICTOR Vikings 16323260000000
Division 3
1Why So Serious371096354000000
2Scuttle Fish34874645000000
3Spike & Malice34446578000000
4Hit it and quit it32653756000000
5Block Party30772455000000
6Ball Breakers28236764000000
Division 4
1Setting Ducks414611884000000
2Mongo No40678487000000
3Big Doink381068653000000
5Mozzies 28393094000000
6Spike Wasoswski24025548000000
8Couples Counselling19008704000000