• Social Beach Volleyball competitions. Fun, active, no experience necessary.

Monday Rebound Beach Volleyball



*Please check 48hrs prior to game as draw is subject to change.
6:30pm Refs
Court 1 Sand Snakes vs Conrad Tay
Court 2 Practice Safe Sets vs Far Canals Ayisha
Court 3 Smileys vs Spiko-logical Warfare Luke
Court 4 Cheese Graters vs Fullas Chris
Court 1 Generous Tippers vs Emineminem Chris
Court 2 Swipe Right vs Kiss My Ace Ayisha
Court 3 Hit It vs SQUAD Luke
Court 4 Kinky Sets vs Volleywood stars Scott
Court 1 Pants off Monday vs Networth Tay
Court 2 Repeat Offenders vs Beached As Ayisha
Court 3 The Misstressess vs Muchachos ?
Court 4 No Diggitys vs Mission Unblockable Chris
Court 1 No Sets Before Marriage vs Triple x Chris
Court 2
Court 3
Court 4