Wednesday Rebound Points Ladder

Wednesday Rebound Beach Volleyball

Points Ladder

Point Rules: WIN = 3 points / LOSS = 1 point / DRAW = 2 points / BONUS Point for every 10 points 


PositionTeamTotal 123456789101112
Division 1
1Gold Diggers6896676576106
2Hold my ballz Zac565575676582
3Nothing but net5503761163658
5Sandy Balls456516326727
6Mrs Borris!!!395613364632
Division 2
1Aqua Gardeners592789676725
2Triple Double579582853377
3Deadly Digs506875676023
4Utterly Unassociated5054210373538
5Oz Brazuca496267324856
6LIfes a Beach449703620656
7Volleywood Boulevard439983223232
8Completely Unrelated353136316462
10He's Insane272436125211
Division 3
1Lads on Tour69554675111286
3Football but with hands5253634169105
4All Gear and No Idea5467311392328
5Dune Killers543848643648
6Team Seki390003348669
7Spiked Punch303494201412
8Blunt force Marsh Mellows 58107912553223
9Spike Girls311132281265
10Dirty Dozen 2.0224342002124
Division 4
1Tuesday Send707783886977
2Sandier Balls689859288847
3Tasty Tacos7046571041041010
4Net Ninjas6606103799769
5Floor Play (Nina)49733101236104
6Space Richards413424642574
7Ball busters380319457513
9Hit and Giggles291251633341
10Special K44