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Wednesday Rebound Beach Volleyball

Points Ladder

Point Rules: WIN = 3 points / LOSS = 1 point / DRAW = 2 points / BONUS Point for every 10 points 


PositionTeamTotal 123456789101112
Division 1
1Velvet Thunder61367764466255
2Mrs Borris!!!58656264675632
4Sandy Balls40661245720016
6Wednesday night warriors 18000000000666
Division 20
1Oz Brazuca767581118656676
2Aqua Gardeners57627274472862
3Completely Unrelated47344536743134
4Fluorescent Adolescent47302703633767
5Deadly Digs41477600036314
6LIfes a Beach38021433276334
7Spike Girls 2.023006311222132
8Triple Double19000000000766
Division 3
1Gold Diggers71365687876924
2Dune Killers71774866566556
3Volleywood Boulevard694545575459115
4Lads on Tour677563737741242
5Spike Girls64893613476665
6All Gear and No Idea644564660375810
77 Deadly Spikes 56796760560622
Division 4
1Sandier Balls55034663449637
2Sneak Attack45000066455676
3The Lemons33300350645124
4Blunt force Marsh Mellows 21000000000678
5Good Vibes33