Wednesday Rebound Game Times

Wednesday Rebound Beach Volleyball Competition

Important Information
  • Please attended counter before playing to comply with covid-19 regulations
  • There is a wash station provided, please wash your hands with soap and water upon entry
  • Practice social distancing when entering the centre.  1.5m rule applies.
  • Once your game finishes please be aware of the amount of people in the centre and move on if necessary

Game Times

Round 11  Date: 28th October 2020 Refs
Court 1 Deadly DigsvsLife's a BeachLuke
Court 2Floor PlayvsBall BustersAaron
Court 3
Court 4Mrs Borris!!!vsHold my ballz ZacJenna
Court 1 Raphael'svsWonderwomenMax
Court 2Gold DiggersvsSandy BallsAaron
Court 3All Gear and No IdeavsBlunt force Marsh MellowsDan
Court 4Completely unrelated vsUtterly Unassociated Jenna
Court 1 Nothing but NetvsDEFLuke
Court 2Hits n GigglesvsTuesday SendAaron
Court 3Football but with handsvsLads on TourMax
Court 4Oz BrazucavsTriple DoubleJenna
Court 1 Aqua GardenersvsHe's InsaneLuke
Court 2Spike GirlsvsSpiked Punch Aaron
Court 3Special KvsDirty Dozen 2.0Max
Court 4SekivsNet NinjasLaura
Court 1 Volleywood BoulevardvsDelicasettinLuke
Court 2Space Richards vsThe Tasty TacosAaron
Court 3Dune Killers vsFullasMax
Court 4Sandier BallsvsCanonsLaura