Thursday Night Open Pairs and Open 4’s

Thursday Outdoor Beach Volleyball

Important Information
  • Please attended counter before playing to comply with covid-19 regulations
  • There is a wash station provided, please wash your hands with soap and water upon entry
  • Practice social distancing when entering the centre.  1.5m rule applies.
  • Once your game finishes please be aware of the amount of people in the centre and move on if necessary

Round 11Date: 29th October 2020  Refs       
Court 1 Bec SquaredvsSuper Tramps Tay
Court 2Sugar & SpikevsJust the Tip Luke
Court 3
Court 1 Andrew and Not AndrewvsJordan/JawzJoe
Court 2Izzy/LachyvsOne Touch ToursLaura
Court 3Hazel/TigervsLuke/ScottMax
Court 1 Liz/ FrankievsMax/ChrisLuke
Court 2Kiss My AcevsTanya/NessLaura
Court 3Jess/MaryvsI'd Hit ThatTiger
Court 1 Joe/TigervsJode/AndyLuke
Court 2ShaunvsPete/JessLaura
Court 3Set For SuccessvsTriple X Max
Court 1 Justin/JodevsNicko/SummerLuke
Court 2Hot Pot BoysvsBEERLaura
Court 3Portia/AndyvsDaveyMax