National Champions!

Congratulations to the South East Queensland team who had one of the most successful years at the Indoor Beach Volleyball National Titles.

We won FIVE out of the eight titles!

A MASSIVE congratulations to all of our players.  It was an amazing effort by all the SEQ Squad.


CONGRATULATIONS to SEQMXM1 (Vickie Anderson, Clint Harry, Mayumi Komeda, Glen Pacholke, Judy Pacholke, Brian Rizzardo, Trevor Stade and Kathy Stavrakis) who took out the Mixed Masters Division.

CONGRATULATIONS to SEQM1 (Conor Doyle, Matt Franks, Tim Gilchrist, Pete Morgan, Josh Stavar and Ivan Toa) on a hard fought win against the Runners-up SEQM3 (Jamie Crase, Conrad Fontes, Trent Irwin, Nick Mead, Roger Smith and Trent Baker).

CONGRATULATIONS to SEQL1 (Eleanor Grey, Rubee Lawrence-Pou, Jess Ma, Dee Moana, Christy Prosper and Barbara Rober) for their 3rd consecutive national win. The SEQL3 ladies (Arlita Heta, Serena Heta, Tamara Heta, Leah Mills, Rachel Smart and Lucia Tatincova) played a great match to come Runners-up in the division.

CONGRATULATIONS to SEQMX1 (Jess Cameron, Olivia Clark, Courtney Martin, Jeremy Siligi, Aaron Poole and Robbie Rassmussen) on a nail biting win against Runners-up SEQMX2 (Shannon Brackin, Trent Moses, Lincoln Rothwell, Natasha Rothwell, Rarni Rothwell, Stewart Skerret).

CONGRATULATIONS to SEQMM (Glenn Bradley, Steve Cooper, Anthony George, Francis Mills, Troy Rothwell, Ben Temby-Nichols and Ben Travaini) on a well deserved win in the Men’s Masters Division.


A special mention for SEQJM (Riley Cobb, Jake DeHass, Michael Mills, Callum Sullivan and Jacob Ward) who put up a great fight with only 5 players to be Runners-up to a very strong Darwin Junior Men’s team.

Another special mention goes to SEQGM (Dave Edgerton, Owen Ferguson, Ross Fryar, Euan Landsborough, Peter Sutch and Pete Waddington) who came Runners-up in the Grand Masters Division.

The SEQLM team (Lisa Andrews, Lisa Ashe, Michelle Blake, Jo Costello, Julie-Ann Landsborough and Deb Peach) played hard until the end of the 2 min overtime, to unfortunately go down by 1 point and miss qualifying for the Ladies Masters Grand Final.


So the final SEQ score out of the 7 Grand Finals in a possible 8 divisions was:

  • 5 Perpetual Trophies and 5 Silver team Runners-up awards
  • 3 National MVP awards – Junior Men’s (Riley Cobb), Mixed Masters – Lady (Vickie Anderson), Mixed – Man (Robbie Rassmussen)


In 2013 the Nationals will be played in Brisbane, so we look forward to another successful year!


**Thanks to Katerina Down Photography and Design for the cover image**